Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Motorola Droid Razr M

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  1. The Razr M doesn't have BLE. Blue tooth low energy. It has the capability for it; however, it doesn't work very well. So it doesn't do very well with fit bits or other athletic bracelets that use blue tooth. The S3 has blue tooth low energy and works super well. Also the S3 is much faster, larger screen, and in my opinion has a better gui launcher. But you can download other launchers so its not big deal. The S3 come with more space 16G and the Razr M comes with 8. With the soft ware and firm ware the Razr M doesn't have much space after updates and what not. That can be a issue with most the population that uses super phones. The Razr M has the gorilla glass which is very very durable works very well has a work phone for contractors and people that do a lot of out door activities. The razr M has a better battery life which is expected to the much smaller screen, less ram, less GB. All in All the razr M is a better "phone". However the S3 has better abilities and makes a better toy such as better cameras, better blue tooth, bigger screen, and better GUI.

  2. the motorola is cheaper as a marketing ploy by verizon to bring in more customers. although this phone is way better than the gs3, it wasnt the best that verizon had to offer, which is another reason it was cheap. the razr maxx and the razr maxx hd were the only other phones, verizon had than were better than the m. motorola is the way to go, i myself have the m, and its the best phone ever. well its outdated now, but its still a contender, only phones better now aside from gs4 active and gs4 normal and the note 3-4 are the razrmaxx and razr maxx hd the droid mini ultra maxx and the other from motorola with the x8 chipset

  3. The things I noticed about the Motorola that make it a better phone than that Samsung:
    1. Has a side data port so you can dock the phone in landscape.
    2. Smaller profile.
    3. Faster processor; Smoother graphics, quicker, clearer, brighter, more depth, richer colors, and reactive/fluid swiping.

    I could tell right away at 13:50 that the graphics were blurring and jerky on the Samsung. The Samsung is too sluggish, physically getting too wide. I'm surprised Chris didn't mention this

    To me, satellite, network, and wifi speeds aren't that important as they change from area and region. Same goes with the widgets/apps/features. You can always update with apps that give you the same features and more, like Go Launcher.

    I've seen more problems with broken Samsungs than Motorola. Motorola is always more rugged and durable. Also note the battery life as the video transpires, and in the end….the Samsung battery is essentially gone. The Samsung looks to have started with 34% and the Motorola with 50% battery life. Should have started with both at 100% battery, and noted the battery level at the end. That is important!

  4. Well see we all have our own opinions because I have a razr m too I like it but I am going to get the s3 because the s3 has a better cpu and way better battery life.

  5. You can use live wallpapers on galacy s3 also how do u not know that? What an expert.

  6. I got the regular droid razr base model n it has way more features than the iPhone 5 n its 1 yr older!! That being said can't imagine how apple can't touch the upper level razr's and galaxy

  7. Put all the bench marking tests at the end. Most people don't understand them and if they don't , they are fairly useless.

  8. It would be helpful if you displayed a side-by-side spec comparison (a table) for each phone when you are going through each phone at the beginning. Can you update?

  9. Which is better for browsing internet with great speed and without lag, and playing games without lag.

  10. This video, for being 30mins was a little disappointing. I currently have the GS3 and I am thinking about selling it simply because it's a little too big for me and not necessarily "pocket friendly". I am looking at the Razr M but this video didn't do much to show me a whole lot about the different features. I've had a Motorola phone before so I can go based off that I guess…

    And yes another commenter is correct- live wallpapers are on all Android devices.

  11. live wallpapers is not a feature to mention about an android phone. EVERY. android phone has live wallpaper. hard to take you seriously after that. learn a bit more before you clutter youtube with reviews of hones you know nothing about.

  12. Bennbaker1225
    Go with the droid HD its better than the sg3 I have the droid razor HD 2500 mhr battery

  13. Hi I'm looking for my (first)smartphone and was wondering what to get I love android but my sister has a iphone4s and i think it's pretty cool but I hate apple was looking for a free phone on verizon or am willing to spent a little bit but main reason I'm asking because every time I get a new phone the next week they come out with the next beat thing do you know of any smartphone coming out that is the next best thing?

  14. i have the Droid Razr M and to me it is the worst phone i have ever had and im gettin a GS3 cause it is the second phone i wanted which i will get!!

  15. Great review, non-biased opinion, when most of the time, you can automatically hear the reviewer's choice in the first few minutes. So, great job, keeping them honest opinions or at least the perception of them the main focus of every reviewers goal is to not be biased, but to be honest and helpful to their listeners/viewers. How about this for a thought? Other than just focusing on the highlights, I'm sure there must be a review for the visually impaired or even the color blind people???

  16. i like your voice. you actually sound like a experienced tech savy reviewer

  17. I can imagine the gs3 c walking while singing "so conceited i dont think my shit stank"

  18. I have a RAZR m. Its awesome. Much better than s3. Where it lacks in screen quality it makes up in its build quality and structure. But the color saturation on a Pentile screen is amazing. Plus I love stock jelly bean.I don't like the theme on the s3. The RAZR m in my own opinion(I work at Verizon and deal with these phones everyday) is a perfect size phone with great specs at a low low price. This phone was extremely overlooked

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