Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge black screen/phone wont turn on

Today my Galaxy S7 edge just went black and wouldn’t turn on, here’s a solution that helped befor even thinking of sending it in and going threw a lot of hastle and waiting times!

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  1. it worked!!!!! thank you so much man thank very very much from bottom of my heart …….

  2. my mum panicked so much when her phone was not turning on but after your video it worked THANK YOU! I have subscribed and turned post notifications you are a great youtuber

  3. OMG thank you so much my phone just did that and I did what he told us to do and it worked I was so so so happy it works

  4. Thankyou soo much…… you saved me,,,,
    I thought i have to buy a new phone… god… u r gr8 buddy

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