Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Camera Problem – Unable to Use On Any App – SOLVED

Unable To Use Camera On Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge SOLVED –

Problem –

Help. I cannot access my camera on my S7 edge on any app (G935FD). When I try to access the camer directly the message is: “Security policy restricts use of Camera”

I can only find the ability to automatically update Security Policy. Any ideas?

Solution – Do you have a work email account linked? If so, it’s probably from…


  1. Why I can't allow any the camera to acces photos, contacts, etc. The allow button is not responding

  2. How can you disable the security policy? it has restricts the use of bluetooth connection and I have tried to do so many things pls help!

  3. while taking a video or photograph only the centre part has clear view and the surrounding part is a bit blur….how to rectify this problem?? pls give me an suggestion

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