Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vs iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test!

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Drop Test VS iPhone 6S Plus Drop Test. Just How Durable Is The New S7 Compared To 6S?


  1. Its different if u were to drop it on a sidewalk or something coz u dropped the phones on a flat floor

  2. My Samsung galaxy s7 edge is damaged af so I buyed the iPhone 6s+ and I'm waiting but my s7 edge is to much damaged….????????

  3. I droped my phone from 3 feat and it does not work enie more what in the world do you do to not crak it

  4. Sorry if I'm gonna say this, but I don't think an iPhone can resist that much because iPhone screens can also get cracked even from low heights, and the comparision doesn't have that much sense either, you are comparing a phone with GLASS surface vs a phone with a much more resistent surface, but after all, both phones are cool.

  5. drops iphone from 10 feet "all good" drops mine from 1 feet Spider web cracks on screen, touch doesn't even work wtf

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