Samsung Galaxy S7: How to Enable / Disable Voice Assistance Talk Back

Learn how you can enable / disable Voice Assistance talk back on Samsung Galaxy S7.


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  1. Thank you for solving my misery… my phone was so annoying until i saw your tutorial.. appreciate it much.

  2. Oh my gods thank you sooooooo muuuuuuuuuch my coworker was dicking around on my phone and accidentally turned it on and I was more than a little freaking out cuz I needed gps to get home. THANK YOU

  3. This voice assistant crap is ridiculous. An absolute nightmare. What the actual fuck are they thinking.

  4. My God that was terrific i really dint have an ide how to solve that shit … a big thankyou for the person who had done this video

  5. ThaaaaaaaaaaaanksThat bitch was driving me crazy thank you again

  6. No Voice Assistant under accessablility. I can't get this da*n thing to stop 'listening' and no on can help!

  7. Lmfao!!! @ the comments… I was in the same mind set as everyone else, I wanted to through this F-ing phone against the wall! Thanks for the video!

  8. Thank you sooooo much!! Took me 30 minutes before I finally hit the internet and found your video. Wow. I can rest easy now! 🙂

  9. OMG, my voice assistance turns itself on and it's a Bitch to get it to turn off! Thank you for this video. So now, all I have to do is to get my haunted cell phone to cooperate with me… I think there are some wires crossed or something… this is what I get for buying a used/refurbished phone I guess… Unless this is an ongoing thing with this POS Sansum Galaxy S7 phone??

  10. That app is such a pain. Still not sure how it got turned on, but it was using every bit of my patience to keep from destroying my phone w/a sledgehammer! THANK YOU! YOU ROCK!

  11. I accidentally enabled this thing in a pub and it was like the freaking Terminator.

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