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  1. Just got S8 active, the screen on my s7 active. Withstood and worked no problemo, after I noticed I had pooled over a brazing joint and plopped on screen and hardened before I ever I said no problem besides the confetti dot…

  2. The s8 and s8+ both will come with headphones but this phone that is $100 more doesn't come with them. As a AT&T customer for over 10 yrs and a S8 active user, that to me is just plain disrespectful.

  3. Keeping my S6 active for another year has no problems and I have dropped it 50 times. Still as fast as when I got it.

  4. you can't see when your messages are read, received or when they are typing, there isn't a setting on the phone that will allow you to turn it on .

  5. Just got this a couple weeks ago. Hands down best phone ive ever had. highly recommend.

  6. I just bought it yesterday. I gave a Samsung note 3 as trade in and AT&T gave $200 back. So I got the Pelican cover and the difference went to my account as a credit for the next bill.

  7. I cracked my galaxy s8 5 months after having this. I need this so bad, I should've waited

  8. You already murdered G6 at release S8, now you wanna defecate on their corpse by creating same look huh samsung. That's cold.

  9. I honestly do not like this design or phone ive had it since the day it released and have had nothing but issues with it. Signal issues and screen desensitivity issues and the design looks cool but can become really annoying really quick. Ive owned every samsung phone since the s2 and i liked my s7 active better than this by farrrrr. I am returning it. P.s. got my 15 year old nephew one he was joking it fell outta his pocket and messed his screen up rugged my rear end.

  10. So I bought the S8 Active three days ago and didn't like it at all. It was way too heavy, thick, very slippery and just uncomfortable in general to hold for more than 30-45 seconds. I took it back and got the S8 plus and I couldn't be happier! I had the S7 edge before this and I liked it also but felt like getting the new one. The only thing that really bothers me but it's not a big deal, is that the finger print is on the backside of the phone. I'm left handed and so when I grab my phone with my left hand my finger is one the opposite side of where the finger print scanner is. Yeah, pretty stupid. It's just annoying that the finger print scanner isn't on the front. I guess no phone will ever be perfect. Lol oh well…

  11. Of course at&t i get the s8 plus 3 months ago and now this comes and god forbid you let me exchange without charging me $$$$$$$.

  12. If you're interested in rugged phones, just look at the AGM X2 Pro that's about to be released soon… I think you'll love it 😉

  13. How ripoff people make different versions of 1 model.
    Looks like games, u have standard, deluxe and gold edition(which the gold is true complete edition but more expensive than normal)

  14. Just placed my upgrade order of had the s6 active almost 3 years many years of swimming with it no issues or breaks phone has never had a case dropped several times and living with 6 dogs it survives them. I have high hopes for the s8 active

  15. Gorilla Glass 5 is a Downgrade. S7 Active had a Polymer Screen, they are virtually unbreakable. A Rugged Phone needs a Polymer Screen.

  16. Even though it has a ip68 rating, I wish waterproof case manufactures would make waterproof cases for the Active.

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