Samsung Galaxy S9 bezel changes, iPhone X 2018 battery & more – Pocketnow Daily

Watch today’s Pocketnow Daily as we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and its possible bezel changes. Then we talk about all three models of the iPhone X 2018, as reports claim that the battery will grow on all models. The Huawei P11 follows as reports have it resemble the iPhone X design significantly. Then we discuss the recent expansion of Amazon Music and the Amazon Echo to 28 more countries. We end today’s show talking about T-Mobile and the deals its offering for the Apple Watch Series…


  1. You ever noticed how Samsung ugrades everything after 2 models? S6, S7 were the same, and new change at S8. S3 and S4 were the same, with new change at S5. S1 and S2 were the same, with change at S3. I bet theyre gona change the design at S10. And they probably should tbh.

  2. My personal opinion is I still prefer a physical button like Samsung Galaxy Edge.
    Reduce the top ? bezels,
    Add stereo speakers ? ?,
    B&O DECT quality of LGG6
    That's it.
    Or get the fingerprint scanner on the front ? ?.

  3. If next year Apple gets rid of Touch ID then I'm gonna pick up the iPhone 8 Plus and it'll be my last iPhone for a while unless Apple decides to bring it back they can future out how to make the bezzles a little smaller but who knows I'm just sad about that I don't trust Face ID so that sucks

  4. In the S9 I want to see finger print scanner in the front screen.

  5. It's not copying the iPhone…damn Jaime …if anything apple followed everyone else on the semi bezeless phones

  6. I also get almost 2 day (more like 1.5 with heavy usage) battery life out of the iphone x. The first 2 days the battery was definitely just ok but after the 11.2 update, it got to the level of my ex-plus 8 and in some aspects (like watching videos) surpassed it.

  7. Sure, the bottom bezels are of no use so it could be great if they remove it.

  8. Less bezels but no notch! The notch draws my eye right to it every time I look at a phone that has one. The future should be notchless!!!

  9. I love the s8 then the s9 because no bezels is ugly as it will break and it is hard to hold.

  10. Even though I prefer google phones , when it comes to looks department think Samsung is doing good job with the screens looks but if they slim it down and put a notch then it would be stupid it just plainly look stupid

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