Samsung Galaxy S9: Cinematic 4K Video

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Review of the phone gimbal used in this video:

Video test of the Galaxy S8:

We had the chance to test the Samsung Galaxy S9 for a day to test the 4K video recording.
The footage was captured in Frankfurt on a cold winter day while having the camera mounted on a 3-axis hand-held…


  1. Did you use a third party or the stock camera app for this video??

  2. we have shrunk computers and dslr's down to a tiny pocket size device that can connect us people together and used daily…absolutely astonishing…

  3. These guys suck they show all these awesome edit videos but do not want to teach how they acquired the quality of their videos. They could help out their subscribers but just like to tease… I'm done

  4. how do you record full screen like this without the screen being compressed in to make vid look smaller

  5. Hey!!! I have an S9 and while the quality of the video on my phone looked great , when I uploaded a video to youtube it looked horrible and I wanted to know what I could of done wrong…will an editing app like viva video or video maker also ruin the quality of your videos?…if so..what apps can I use that wont!!??

  6. I did not see any compression artifacts, like I have seen in many other YouTube tests. Were you using the default camera app, or a different one that allows for a higher bitrate?

  7. Wow just love it. i need a suggestion . i am really into smartphone cinematography and thinking about buying a flagship mainly for video. can you please suggest me which one i can get? Because i am a student and its a big deal for me to invest that much money . thanks in advance . From Bangladesh

  8. Colors are not eye popping. Average quality. But ur video making skills r great. ? for that….

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