Samsung Galaxy S9 Hands-on Review: What’s new?

We go hands-on with Samsung’s new Galaxy S9 smartphone at MWC 2018. This 5.8-inch flagship looks identical to the Galaxy S8, yet boasts some specs improvements and an overhauled camera.

The upgraded Galaxy S9 camera offers dual aperture shooting: f/2.4 for everyday use and f/1.5 for low light. You can also shoot Super Slow Motion video at 960FPS.

The UK release date is March 16, so not long to wait! Check out our Galaxy S9 comparisons and camera tips guide, and stay tuned for our full…


  1. Looks virtually the same as the S8…What's the point?…The S8 only came out last year.

  2. Man you guys are so lucky. Hopefully my channel is slightly bigger next year and I'll go to MWC.

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