Samsung Galaxy S9 Official Cases First Look

S9 Cases:

S9 Plus Cases:

In today’s video we’ll be taking a first glimpse at the new Official Samsung Clear View and S View covers for the Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus.

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  1. I bought the S9 plus snapdragon and got a refund and bought the regular S9 Galaxy international model and I love it I take it in and out of my pocket a lot that's why the size is convenient and love the exynos 9810

  2. I like the clear view case but looks like it leaves a lot of finger print marks all over the front cover. YUK!!!!!

  3. Do you like the case? And I have an other question… Can you the camera and take picrures while the lid is closed? IF not, is it tricky to take picrures with that case? I photogaph a lot and I doint want an annoying case.

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  5. Never buy 1 year next gen , this thing won't have anything new.

  6. S9 plus in lilac please don't forget us poor Aussie's when it comes to colour's

  7. when do these phones release? also why doesnt the website have photos? im really interested in a few but there are no photos to look at D8

  8. Back design of the Galaxy Note 8 is way much better! It's just Cleaner, straight lined, and it looks SAMSUNG. This S9 look like LG phones tbh…

  9. Actually in my opinon it is just a galaxy s8++ i have no issues with the fingerprint sensor and the camera is amazing and the software is good in terms of speed and features like if you agree

  10. Im watching this on my Note 3, dont know if i should get s9+ or wait for Note 9. I want more battery

  11. The 9 series is just an incremental update to the 8 series, Samsung said that themselves.

  12. One thing Samsung always does well is camera placement. Look at that back, it's so beautiful and visually pleasing. ? #sarcasm

  13. Samsung needs to remove the heart rate monitor its doesn't look nice and hardly anyone uses it. Its just a gimmicky add on.

  14. The back looks awful so many divisions/partitions. Just one big cutout would be enough already

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