Samsung Galaxy S9 Official (PARODY)

This year, we haven’t updated the anything. We’ve completely rethought the entire advertizing trickery for how you get maximum sales.

Introducing the new Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+

The Biggest Waste Of Money

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  1. We'll tell you it's sunny, and then it will rain
    And we take 0 responsibility.

  2. We also want you to get this for a fortnite skin, so you are just wasting money on a game that will be forgotten in the future

  3. When you steal that pack of gum remember face recognition and indictments

  4. Somehow people love to hate on  more than Samsung. Please stop hating on  please!


  6. Its still better than the new iphones :3

    Oh yeah, you are right, it is almost the same phone as the S8. It was just filler for the S10 and Galaxy X

  7. Apple parody is the funniest. Samsung is a great brand ! Not much to make fun of unlike iphone

  8. Yeah…… I watched your iPhone parody video and it was actually true because… Well… I work on iPhones…
    But this Samsung video isn't at all true…
    And I'm not even a Samsung fan…
    The camera on the S9 is better than any phone out there if you actually know how to use it….
    iPhones are made for the technologically challenged…
    Samsung's are the polar opposite

  9. The "blinking" is the shutter adjusting to the light to get a better photo. Apple can't get on their level so they make fun of a much more affordable and far superior phone.

  10. let's say you meant what you actually say about these phones, right? Then why don't you recommend a phone for us to buy?

  11. Holy shit this one was pathetic. A large part of the video was attacking the camera, and it wasn't even attackable! 😂. And then the apps, which isn't really a selling point.

    They're just grasping at straws to find faults in an amazing phone 😂

  12. "Samsung galaxy s9 the biggest waste of money" well thats just like.. your opinion man

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