Samsung Galaxy S9 plus 4K 60FPS Direct upload!

Here is a 60FPS direct upload on the Galaxy S9 plus

Galaxy S9 Plus:

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  1. excuse me sir, but please i am actually new 2 the scene as far as actually uploading videos/gameplay footage to youtube, & am having trouble trying to figure out the quality. in other words, I made a 1080p 60fps video to upload, but after uploading it, it was only maybe 360p, not even 480 lol.. what am I doing wrong..? btw, i have same phone. (s9 plus*)
    also, thanx in advance 2 whomever replies ?

  2. hi i wanted to ask why i uploaded the same video too 4k60fps but its shows only1080p60fps why that?

  3. The 4k 60 fps android revolution is here !! The next decade looks so much interesting 4k wise .

  4. The skipping is YouTube compression, he said himself that his PC or phone didn't show any signs of skipping.

  5. Great quality! Only thing I noticed is that it appears to slightly shake, even stationary like in the first clip. It's not a deal breaker personally for me. I suspect the 10 and 11 will have 4k60 optimal stabilization in it. For what it is, and what it's doing, it's pretty good!

  6. Anyone esle see skipping when the cars are passing by. Hope it's only in pre-production models .

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