Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus vs Pixel 2 XL: In-Depth Camera Comparison

In this video, I conduct an in-depth camera review and comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S9+ and Google Pixel 2 XL. I test the cameras head-to-head in great light and low light. I also look at the video quality, image stabilization, and microphone qualities of each phone.

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  2. I have a pixel 2 XL and let me tell you, the camera is overrated. Pictures in bright lights are very good. Lowlight pics are decent but a shit load of noise. But when you take videos in lowlight, it looks like absolute dog shit. So much noise that it looks like tiny microscopic ants are walking all over the lens. So much static, it made me regret paying $860 for the phone. Heck the phone also lags as well. Much more than I expected. The screen brightness is abysmal when I compared it to my brothers OnePlus and my friends Samsung phone. It's boring. Only good thing is fast updates and a good speaker. That's it.

  3. The white color on the snow will make the shutter close more (under exposing), thinking the image is brighter than the rest of the image… and you can't use image stabilization with a Gimbal on any of the phones and cameras, it actually made the phone cameras worst than they actually are.

  4. I think the subject didnt want every speck of detail on his face kept and shown.

  5. Some phone just passed the pixel's camera… Though I think that the note8 even did

  6. Testing our 2XL and S9 plus over and over the S9+ always ended up with something odd or not good in pics.(using auto)
    In bright light outdoors my daughters/people's skin was way too bright. Even when using the brightness slider. With that on closer inspection there is also a weird halo around the edges of her skin. Go indoors in daylight and mid to low light details are lost and smoothed out just for the sake of a cleaner image they reckon. Colours are also off at low light . 1.5 seemed to make blow outs easier and details muddier. Ugly compared to how well the 2XL held up with holding colours and details. Noise isn't that bad unless peeping. I like both but prefer the auto of the 2XL.

  7. Best cell phone camera comparison I've seen on YouTube. Great job.

    As for the comparison, they are both very solid and you won't go wrong with either.

  8. Its clear as daylight… The Pixel is better with its front facing cam , whereas the S9 is better with the rear cam. We dont have the Pixel in South Africa so im about to cop the S9 + in a few. Hopefully i wont regret it lol. Seems a fantastic smartphone.

  9. S9 Plus 👍👍👍👍😊😊😊
    Colour Centric Camera,
    for Bright & Vivid Colors.

  10. We should not forget their Displays too. They also effect their picture differences.

  11. Maybe S9+ needs to wear Sunglasses to capture cooler images like Pixel 2XL. 😎😎

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