Samsung Galaxy S9 REVIEW – Worth the HYPE?

Have been using the Samsung Galaxy S9 as my daily driver for the past 2 weeks. Here’s my full review and let me know if you think it’s worth the HYPE?

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  1. Curious to hear your thoughts on the S9? My fav feature is def the speakers – sets a new benchmark for sure ๐Ÿ”ฅ

  2. Love the lego GT3 RS in the back. I got one too. My all time favourite car

  3. Download bx actions bro you can map bixby to whatever you want, I have mine set to camera and there's no ads or anything.

  4. Garbage knock off, copying all innovations from Sony and Apple to funding fake biased comparison reviews all over YouTube and Facebook , billions marketing to sell knockoff features.. SAMSUNG oh another politician they bribed is in jail. Stupid Brainwashed idiots.Your beloved knock off phone reviews are shameful and BS.
    "Lee was reportedly charged with receiving tens of millions of dollars in kickbacks from the country's intelligence agency and big companies including Samsung Electronics."

  5. I have a question and someone please answer it;

    Gear Sport or S3 Frontier? Please help!

  6. Hey, love your videos! So cheerful, and a lovely atmosphere ๐Ÿ™‚ great job

  7. it;s not Seeehm-Sung, jesus christ, Americans butcher English words. it;s SAHM- SUNG.

  8. Hey, at least samsung doesn't have its own version of google maps (or even worse, apple maps)

  9. Bixby is hear for a reason it's to interact with samsung smart thing and it has gotten better take some time and try it out before you knock it and you can always turn it off you should mention that.

  10. Fingers prints sensor on the back very disingenuous. FaceID is way more convenient than finger print on the back of any phone.

  11. You can manually trigger super slow-mo. Just switch to manual mode.

  12. Download BxActions, download ADB, use a guide to use both of those together, remap Bixbyy to use Google assistant, quick toggle for silent/DND, camera flash, or whatever.

  13. Bixby is way better than siri. Bixby can control the phone, i mean deep intergration. Just show off bixby to my friends that using iphone.. they shocked, try to produce same thing on Siri, it wont. Hahaha

  14. The thing about Android is, it doesn't get any updates after 2 years

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