Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ hands-on: Top 5 features!

ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the Galaxy S9 and S9+ top features.

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  1. Another attempt to copy and not set any trend but copy away and market as original. When I see Sams**t phones it makes my stomach turn. Like seeing a cheap Hyundai Genesis etc. From stealing Apples lock screen interface, then Sony's water IP ratings, to Apple dual camera, to countless gimmicks down to exploding phones and arrest of the heir and board president for condoning this currupted activity. Samsung is a joke brand stands for imitation. Why the F) $@ doesn't Apple Sony or even Black Berry lol Run some Steve Jobs like commercials and campaign against Samshit and expose them! Apple ran billions in marketing vicious ads to dethrone MS. 'I'm Mac im a PC'? Sega was bad ass also in its hay day. Now It's all about geeky garbage adds and hip hop coolness factor and market flooding with s**t . Steve Jobs would not stand for this Bulls**t. Sony once admired by the great is now full of skirt wearing bean counters. Although they did have to battle MS also in the video game arena and won, and lost tons of cash. Sony needs to stand the f#& up represent.

  2. Samsung is getting so much extra money for the “Galaxy S9” should be called Galaxy s8 Pro edition

  3. A lot of people are saying like "Oneplus has faster charging and Huawei has better battery life and pixel has better camera" NO, NO AND NO. The point is NOT that. The point is that the s9+ is the most WELL-ROUNDED package of them all. It has the best screen, fairly good speakers and battery life, EXCELLENT camera (tho debatable since photos are everyone's own opinion) but still it's. very good camera no one can deny it, fast enough charging, water-resistance, sd-card slot etc. So it doesn't matter if ONE phone has ONE better feature!

  4. They copied the camera arrangement on the iPhone X, but I guess that makes up with Apple copying wireless charging, even though Samsung copies it from the Nokia phone.

  5. iPhone X is better, cool the s9 takes better photos in the dark but who is going to use their camera in the dark. iPhone X has two 12 megapixel camera just like the s9. iPhone X has a way longer battery life even though the s9 has a bigger battery. Sure the s9 is $300 cheaper, but the iPhone X is built with better materials.

  6. I'm going to Pre-order the Galaxy S9 in Lilac Purple this Friday! I have the Galaxy S5!

  7. fingerprint is top features ? crazy GSMArena ! Samsung pay you all lot money ?

  8. You are as fucking retarded as you look. The "Infinity Display" is "better than ever"? The only way Samsung could have made it better is if they made the display curve less. Fucking moron. No one likes the curves, it's only a gimmick.

  9. s7 camera s8 camera s9 camera except this 2second crap slow motion all where same now Samsung thinks we are brain less people and must buy same s8 looks with minor changes known as s9…best is go for iPhone x atleast we get different looks…

  10. So it is the same phone as s8 but with smaller bezel, little bit betyer cpu and 2 cameras.

  11. Apart from the variable aperture, nothing really entices me.

    960 slow mo? 2017 says hi
    Sexy infinity design? S8 is asking for its identity back
    Dual speakers? Impressive to have but not impressed by their quality

    I was hoping for so much more. I knew 960 slow mo was coming but I expected the hardware to not be identical to the XZP. Literally the same, records 0.2 seconds at HD.

    But even still, this is and the note 9 will already be my favourite phone of 2018 because of the headphone jack 😍

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