Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Remove Pin Code Lock /Finger Print Lock/Face Lock/Intelligent Scan Security

this is my video showing how to regrain entry into your samsung galaxy s9 plus or s9 if for some reason you forgot your password or if the iris scanner or finger print scanners stopped working and you are locked out of the device

Watch Samsung Galaxy S9+ How to steal charge from another phone whilst on the go


  1. why does every video of this delete EVERYTHING with factory reset we dont want that!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. My phone was just shut off thru Verizon and they added a bunch of shit to my bill I wasn't going to pay what would I have to do to get my phone witch is a Verizon S9 my phone was leased and will have past due amount on it to my Boost moblie account account

  3. Finally found a video that helped me unlock my phone , will defenetly give it a like .thank you saved my life

  4. Hi there ive just bought a new s9 and the shop said it was unlocked to any network but ive put my three sim in and now its saying sim network unlock pin. Do you know what this means and how i can sort it

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