Samsung Galaxy S9+ Top Battery life tips, in this video I show you how to increase the battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus by 50%. These are essential tips and tricks for every Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus or S9 owner. This is a much watch video, please share this with others.

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  1. What battery life are you getting on your S9 and S9 plus? Do you have any battery saving tips? Share in the comments below 👍

  2. there's an app called gear vr services which drains more than 15 percentage battery in just 7 hours for me… how do i disable this?

  3. Is it ok to transfer the sms, pictures, and mp3s with smart switch?

  4. Just disable background activity for Facebook, Whatsapp no need for lite versions… They are doing a lot of background activity (hours). You will still get notifications in real time and the battery will thank you. Check the same for other apps and disable their background activity. Spotify is doing the same but less…you can disable its background activity but you will not able to resume from a paused song with your hearbuds. Do not disable background activity for Messenger or you won't get notifications.

    Plus install this one it makes almost everything DARK. Even Instagram, Gmail, Chrome etc etc. NO ROOT REQUIRED!

    Use this wallpaper too. 0% battery drain.

  5. most useful video on saving battery with the Samsung Galexy S9/S9+. Immagine when you use the power saving modes in addition!! Thank you!!

  6. Very informative tech YouTuber, finally getting tips I don't know, I wish if i came across ur channel sooner anyway u got urself a new subscriber 😁

  7. You know it's fucked up when you have to have these kind of videos for a brand new device. Just wait til later on down the road..

  8. Hi Techzilla how can I transfer my sms messages songs and photo's to my new S9plus from S7 if you recommend not to use smart switch?

  9. hey Hallo ((Tech Zilla)) i have 1 one Question
    i have LTE and that WiFi option will switch wifi off and make it use 4g and it consumes more power so that option is not good if u have 4g but maybe its not ur opinion?

  10. Will increased touchscreen sensitivity mode drain more battery? And thank you very much for the informative and helpful video! I learned a great deal. Cheers. 🙂

  11. really good one.. simple, but best recommendations i have seen. .. I used some on other older phones and wow.. they really change how it works.. And so a tip .. when you have your phone working great.. back it up .. on paper hehehe.. i mean. just take a backup of essentials (contacts, accounts, whatever), take some notes or screenshots of the settings.. and when it is behaving really bad.. just reset it to stock, restore essential info and set up it with you settings and see the huge difference. A backup of all stuff may work, but doing it on paper (like he explain when changing from other phone), is the best way.

  12. Thanks man. You suggested the best battery saving tips that no one pointed out before. I own an S9 and the battery life was just pathetic, I am quite a heavy user myself so I had to charge it twice a day minimum. But Now after following your instructions I got 3 hrs 15 minutes of SOT and still got 50% juice left. I appreciate your work. Hope your channel grows faster than ever. Regards

  13. dude you should have showed us how to turn things off to much talk suppose some people dont know how to do it

  14. I have back it up on my pc using smart switch but with out apps and media.
    The only backup that I sent up was personal content and settings should that be all right if I got to use smart switch on pc not phone because I have to reset phone because of power drain from phone to phone transfer and I got a app to backup apps and restore but not their app data just APK the app is called my backup pro.

  15. What about if you went from ios to s9+ and use ios move do you still restore it ??

  16. I used smart switch when i set it up and battery life was kinda bad then i formated my device and didn't use it now battery life is amazing 👌 DON'T USE SMART SWITCH,USE YOUR LAPTOP OR AN SD CARD

  17. As smart switch has potential to ruin S9 battery. Then how am I going to transfer all my data from iPhone to my S9

  18. Awesome, I tried and it's working. Thank you! By 12:00 PM my battery used to remain around 50%. Now it's at 80% unbelievable.

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