Talking about 2018 stuff. Samsung Galaxy S9. Yep.

Will you wait? Thoughts!

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  1. You may not know – but the Galaxy S9/+ can NOT record phone call . Samsung blocked this option in all Galaxy S9/+
    with Exynos 9810 . Of-course, if you bought it – do not expect to miracles from Samsung support, they are good in copy/paste replies.

  2. Reality: the design is just the same but the bezel is slimmer than the s8

  3. S9 idea: so, curved screen all around the phone, so no bezel at all, design the call speaker like the essential one, remove the front facing camera (because it just takes up space) dual camera on the back, fingerprint scanner inside the screen, USB c, microphone, maybe headphone jack, and stereo speakers at the bottom but slightly lowered so the screen can be curved more. Remove the bixby button or atleast let the consumers of the product to reprogram it however they want. (This would be pretty cool) and try to make a battery with a larger charge capacity that won't give it the possibility to explode. On the sides, they could extend the screen so you could use it as some sort of taskbar for your favorite applications and disable it when using apps such as YouTube, Netflix, etc. also (maybe) add in wireless charging. But that's just what I think they should do with the S9


  5. I just bought the note 8 and the 9 is here….wtf

  6. freking apple fans still think that apple is better than galaxy phones, they are idiots

  7. jeeeh what a difference when they really come with what else they promise for years on transparent for example it is already there does it all but it does not matter

  8. Your video is not consistant . U give info about something then say the oposite somwhere else…
    U said that it would be bezel less . And look like iphone x regarding the camera and sensors. Later u show the leaked glass and say it will look almost like s8 (not bezel less)

  9. Samsung will be making a huge design mistake if they follow Apple with a goddamn notch!

    Customers like me don’t like notches and will abandon any product regardless of technology to not have to deal with looking at an ugly asymmetrical notch at the top of the screen.

    Just say no to notches!!!

  10. after watching this video seriously i m missing haha react in youtube

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