Is the Samsung Galaxy S9 value for money? It’s cheaper than an iPhone X, but looking at the depreciation of Android phones will it be worth as much in a year or two?

Then there’s also Apple Care, with that you know exactly how much it costs to fix any major issues, but with Samsung you’re stuck with a basic warranty, which means when your screen gets cracked – and yes it will, you’ll be spending $$$ to get it fixed.

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  1. You do have Samsung Care services in Europe, you can buy Samsung Care when you buy your phones from the Samsung website.

    You too have Samsung stores that deal with Samsung phones directly, much like an Apple store, however AFAIK, you have to leave your phone to be repaired, they don't just get a replacement. (AFAIK, never used Samsung care, I buy my phones used)

    A screen replacement for a Galaxy S9 would probably be around the same price as the S8 and S7 Edge, so 300-350$.

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