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How does the new Samsung Galaxy S9 compare with its predecessor? Find out in our Galaxy S9 vs Galaxy S8 comparison!

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  1. Guys i am using s6 edge and i am thinking to upgrade should i go for s8 or s9!? guide me!

  2. S8 Tmobile $450 or S9 Unlocked for $619 – about $169 or 37% upgrade cost – then its worth it?

  3. Using Xiaomi Mi 6 right now, but need a phone with B20 IP68 and MicroSD Support. So im wondering if I rather should get S8 or S9. I think theres no need to wait for S10. Im sure S10 will be boring AF.

  4. Galaxy S9 is not really an upgrade , it’s really an S8.5 or maybe even an S8.25 cause the difference is extremely marginal. Unless your talking about the plus, which has a more significant difference, but still in the same boat. And I must be the only one who liked the S8s finger print sensor, in fact I feel that the S9 scanner is a little too small. So I’ll save some money and buy the S8 instead.

  5. I have a problem with speaker while talking to my daughter cross country. She CAN'T hear or understand me on speakerphone. I've found others having the same problem. Should I exchange for the S8?

  6. Forget s9 , just buy s8 instead. Cheaper and pretty much the same

  7. Hey guys! I have the S7 Edge. Is it worth upgrading to the 8 or 9?

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