Lisa Gade compares the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 and the Apple iPad Air 2. Check out our video review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 at:
Check out our written review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 at:
Check out our video review of the Apple iPad Air 2 at:
Check out our written review of the Apple iPad Air 2 at:…


  1. Making me decide between Samsung Tab S2 9.7 inch tablet and the iPad Air 2 is making me want a quote Tommy Wiseau as Johnny and I'm little movie called The Room

  2. I'm not saying that a review of this nature doesn't have the right to exist BUT the s2's counterpart was never the apple air. It was the mini 4. This is just a larger version of the 8 inch s2 designed to compete with the mini 4. It might be the same size as the air but the guts are inferior for that reason. As I watch this, I just feel like she's comparing apples to oranges but her reviews are still always excellent.

  3. The most Android fans aho are saying Android IS better dont know much about technology. Android product and iOS product are both really good! But because of android Apple is dying! First Apple developed the iPhone 2G foor $99, one year later Android came with the same price. But Android began to 'tape' apples ideas for a lower price. Thats why people bought Samsung products = earns more money and more money = more chances, better materials and better salary! Better salary = more people = more own ideas.

    Nowadays Apple and Android are really close. Apple is on its own and Android (google) is with Samsung, ASUS, LG, Huwawei and much more.

  4. The only thing I hate about android is there bullshit chargers,they mess up to fast,I been thew at least 6 chargers since I got my s6 in January 2016

  5. When iPad Pro was releases iOS 9 was also came out and it has multitasking so why didn't she showed it

  6. Great was comparing these 2 and the Ipad Air 2 is going on sale on Black Friday.

  7. seriously I would go for s2…but after few of my mate use it around 1 year….the battery life gone just like 4 hour of use time such as youtube and games….but my girlfriend ipad 2 air can last like 9 hour….now I really confuse…I would go for ipad mini 4 but there offer ipad mini 2 for just £239 for 32 gb version….should I go for it?

  8. Hi Lisa! Have you done a Windows based tablet vs an Android based tablet? I'm so curious as to what would be best!

  9. Lisa please compare the Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 (2016) with the Ipad Pro 9.7 you're reviews are always on top and easy to understand since you have a very good educational way to present the products in your reviews.

  10. Those who hate IPads are just jealous cause they can't afford it, losers !:p

  11. Buying one tomorrow. Can I download a different ui. I have a galaxy s6 and have a favorite ui

  12. The fact that so little applications are optimized for the Android tablets is the deal breaker. ANd with that battery life, I might consider just getting a Surface 3 which is the same price and is just full on windows.

  13. can someone please explain to me why, in 2016, that we can have 4gb of ram and 12 megapixel cameras with flash and all the rest of it crammed into a small 5.1 inch (galaxy s7) phones, yet when it comes to tablets triple the size, no flash, smaller cameras, smaller ram, almost similar battery life? its disgusting. how hard is it to make the tablets so much better than the phones, spec wise, considering they have all that extra room to work with. that goes for both apple and samsung.

  14. Samsung- Supports up to 128GB microSD Card. This is a winner for me and most. Apple doesn't really offer anything new.

  15. I have the galaxy S2 9.7 and the4 max video recording is 1920 x 1080 on mine…why doesn't mine have UHD? do I need to return it?

  16. I don't know if she finds this out but 1st: you don't have to click the home button on the iPad to get to multi tasking. A 4 finger swipe up brings it us as well. Also, the iPad does have split screen multitasking now when it got iOS 9

  17. Hardware: Both Apple and Samsung are on par.Both are light.Both have a great battery.Infact,Tab S2 display is slightly better than ipad air 2.Also,tab S2 supports USB OTG and has external card slot.So tab S2 is slightly better as far as hardware is concerned.

    Software:Ipad is much ahead as far as software experience is concerned.Better selection for apps,faster performance than tab S2.IOS is also much more secure than android.Less risk for data being stolen by apps since the OS is closed and tightly controlled by apple.Whereas android has open ecosystem which has lot of advantages like running third party apps and customisation but also produces major risks like:Any app can read your data,open camera,record from your mic and send all this to remote servers.All this without your knowledge.Apple gives quick and assured OS upgrades for many years whereas samsung does not give OS upgrades after a year.

    So at the end of the day,ipad is much better choice.You are in a secure environment and you still get all those google apps on ipad.

  18. If it is true that the S2 is on 5 hours battery life while the air is 10 hours then its Ipad all the way.

  19. im selling my ipad and go for samsung! transfering of data is very easy on samsung but for the ipad im getting mad

  20. ALl those impressive connections you mentioned are also available on android

    i dont think your knowledgable enough to do this ;/ im leaving.

    i suggest you google better.

  21. The SD Card reader for the AIR "IS NOT 3RD PARTY"
    you can get it with it directly from APPLE

    and it is NOT EXPANDABLE RAM
    you can use it ONLY to transfer photos from a camera.

  22. You got the camera specs wrong

    samsung front camera is 2.1mp

    the one on the air 2 is 1.2mp

    the rear camera on both is 8mp

  23. hey Lisa I'm a big fan of yours! thanks for you high quality honest reviews. keep them coming!

  24. I'm mainly an Apple user but OLED screen of Samsung wipes the floor with old ass tech LCD of iPad.fact.good news is Apple is in process of implementing OLED screens in future iPhones and naturally iPads.

  25. does Samsung tablet take sim card and connect wifi same time? can i make calls with Samsung tablet

  26. i feel like samsung said "if we cant beat them lets just make the same tablet as apple and slap samsung on it" this thing really is the same as the ipad air 2

  27. this yearly tablet thing is stupid. yea i know its a business and people do buy them but not as much. why cant they just make an ipad with a15x chip, 32gb ram, 1tb model, 5k display and charge 2k and we will be set for 5-10 years lol

  28. Those capacitive buttons are annoying on that tablet (the samsung one) tbh. On phones they're fine.

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