Samsung Gear S2 vs Apple Watch!

Samsung Gear S2 vs Apple Watch – Comparison and hands-on/review. The Gear S2 vs S2 Classic vs Apple Watch smartwatches for 2015 are the top three in mobile. In this Gear S2 vs Apple Watch comparison, we’re looking at performance and Tizen vs watchOS. Full Samsung Gear S2 review coming soon.

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  1. I have a gear s2 and I believe it is much better then a apple watch I have a friend who has an apple watch and I like mine a lot better but it also could have something to do with that I don't like apples products

  2. owned a gear s2 now got a apple watch like both
    both watches do what i need i just prefer apple iphone over andriod phone

  3. Gear 2 can be used as for Kid trackable GPS though and call , text, email, notification without phone though that's per AT&T

  4. Please tell me a way to use Apple watch with Samsung S8……I got a free Apple watch and I want to use it….i have only Samsung mobiles with me…..wish there is some hack

  5. I have an iPhone 6s Plus but I prefer the Samsung gear s2 and I have heard that the watch is compatible with iOS, is that true?

  6. can I get the Apple watch I can give you my Apple watch for free in the free giveaway for mines

  7. if you really narrow it down well in the Apple Watch you have to have your phone for it to work but with the Gear S2 you can have your phone away from you and you can still use it functionally without limited access

  8. I have a geat s2 and I can guarantee that you'll love it… I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking to buy a smart watch

  9. Samsung watches always look way different than the one before lmao

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