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  1. Bro you are toooo genious…increase the brightness of moto g3 then say about it and i think that you will happy (y)

  2. firstly learn how to take pics from phone…
    moto g3 is always good compared samsung…

  3. You cant really show the differencce in the quality of the pictures displaying each one in their respective phone. You should open the pictures side by side in a monitor, so we can compare the quality in the same screen. In that case, I believe the moto G wins, based on the information I gathered. I could be wrong, but thats my tip for future videos, compare stuff in the same screen.

  4. why did you not compare camera after says to compare it in start time of Video I watched your whole for look at camera quality ?

  5. why did you not compare camera after says to compare it in start time of Video I watched your whole for look at camera quality ?

  6. guys don't believe in Samsung camera quality it had AMOLED SCREEN SO IT'S CLEAR. I'M MOTO G 3 USER IT'S BETTER THEN SAMSUNG j 5

  7. you can't compare a camera recording at 720p that seems to be 480p.. You can't compare when Moto G3 is not at its full brightness.. You maybe should choose another object to take a picture, not the superman as this cannot show us too much details. Think about an apple or something with a lot of fur/hair.. Anyway, keep the good work. You tried to help us! 😉

  8. Samsung Galaxy J5 has a better display as it has Super Amoled display which is the best display .

  9. You are giving a wrong review. You are comparing the two images on two different displays! You should view them on a one single display like PC or laptop. Amoled display gives better colors and saturation than any other display. Hope you understand what I'm talking about!

  10. Panasonic eluga icon is better than Motorola G 3rd Generation I am confused please help me which phone is better in performance, camera , its screen is better than Gorilla Glass 3, heating problem and everything please help me

  11. You can't compare pictures in an SAMOLED AND IPS display. Pictures will obviously look vivid and brighter on SAMOLED.

  12. @GadgetstoUSE: J5 image colors are better only because of Amoled display which give punchy colors and deep blue's, more saturated. Would have helped others if you could added this.

  13. plz frndz dont even think of subscribing
    this idiot thinks tht he is steve jobs…
    sala bahut pakata hai. khud ki shakal dikhake dimag ka dahi kartay

  14. which one will you rate best  regarding camera quality:  samsung galaxy grand max or moto g3

  15. do samsung galaxy j5  & a5 have same front facing camera ? which one is bettor for skype call

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