Samsung LEAKS Galaxy S10 Design! 🔥

Samsung leaks Galaxy S10 Design via Android 9.0 Experience 10.0 UI Update, Galaxy F Official First Tease, Exynos 9820 NPU & More.


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  1. But pocket now just reported Samsung will be adopting notches in 3 different designs so what is truth

  2. I’m not sure skip Black Friday deals on phones and wait for the s10. This phone will be a beast.

  3. I don’t care if it will be a point it’s still better than a fucking notch

  4. Well its still a bezel, so you can't really call it a bezel-less design. A bezel-less design would mean its 100% no framing what so ever and the display would have to stretch all the way. So it would have to be similar to the Xiaomi MIX but even better, since its called bezel less but still its clearly a small bezel even on that phone.

  5. Never thought i say this, but at this rate Samsung is winning, and ima have to switch from apple.

  6. I'd rather not have a front camera than a notch or a hole. But that's just me , I don't take selfies and i can do very well with just a finger print scanner or even a password 🙂

  7. i dont mind if they actually remove the front camera because honestly i don't take selfies
    maybe they'd make 2 versions (1 with a front camera and 1 withotu)

  8. Aaaah look at android fanboys shitting thier pants from exitment XD

  9. samsung would never let the camera hole be visible! they made fun of apple for the notch/ so i don't think they will do that.

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