Samsung’s Big Galaxy Note 8 Announcement – Will it Bomb?

The Galaxy Note 8 actually has some surprisingly cool features!
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Samsung just had their “Samsung Unpacked” press conference where they announced the new Galaxy Note 8 smartphone, one of their major flagships. It’s bigger than the Galaxy phones and has features you won’t see in other smartphones, such as a stylus. But…


  1. You can buy a iPhone 6 and 3 galaxy lte core primes with $900 dollars really Samsung money hungry😋💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸💸 anyways I will always choose stock andriod and boy my iPhone 8 plus has 2 cameras also Samsung portrait mode is a thing and you ✂+📴 which means you ripped off see you later note 9

  2. Just want the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 just because of the S-Pen? Just make one by getting a metal pen, and put a damp cotton in the tip.

  3. Note worth $960…. Way overpriced. If it folded open into tablet form it might be worth $1,000 but you can get a really nice 2 in 1 for that much.

  4. How could i not forgive samsung in my opinion samsung makes the best phones and tablets (i was watching the video on a samsung)

  5. I still have note 5. and 6.0.1 waiting for att to not support it anymore so I can finally root my phone and get rid of some of my apps. every app has a feature that other one doesn't. and once I root it then I'll be able to get an app or 3 to merge 10 apps in 1 and use only one instead of 10 seperate apps.

    btw lost count at around 815. I need to root. droidsploit has like the equivalent of 10 of my apps in 1. I think only found on f-droid market.

    ping tracert tracehop tracehost list goes on. cmd on android basically. plus wireshark. yea it IS NOT for malicious intent as you can tell.

  6. Hi im using your old trick to get a free smartphones or iphone so i hope you approved this try, i would like to get a free samsung s7 edge or iphone 6s for free im a great fan of your and yep i hope you give me a chance for this chance and give it for free idol ThioJoe. thank you.

  7. It has already bombed. Initial preorders are far short of projections by Samsung. iPhone 8 is the winner this time around 😉

  8. Can you do a video on How to turn your Wii U into Nintendo Switch

  9. ElectroBOOM bought us here, please can we sees more fake stuff?

  10. @ThioJoe |• I'm becoming frustrated with Sammy. Note 4 & up, has dual apps button already that you can create via multi-window.
    A new feature¿ Nonsense/insult to every Note4 & up End-User & why everyone is saying it's new… Is beyond me! Not34 (see what I did there, lol) we're smarter then Sammy thinks. Maybe the Note 8 isn't for us after all. We are onto you @Samsung.

    Also this Bixby crap you're right TJ…create voice shortcuts via Google Assistant ! It already does voice shortcuts via settings & you can program action word & tell assistant what to do or open …action to take etc ….

    People….learn about what's already given to you…. don't wait for some new fancy marketing in a new device that'll charge you a grand….for what you already have somewhat of (minus specs).

    Tip All Note4™ & up End-Users if you want more s-pen features & limits look for SPen Essential Pack (provided & made by Samsung ™). Via Galaxy apps. Screen off notes etc… Not a hundred pages like the latest API but it serves it's purpose and more…much MUCH more!
    Guess I'll be waiting AGAIN for the Note 9… Damn you Sammy 😔

    Thank gawd my Note4™ is still a beast!
    Juss' Sayn'….cheers all 🇨🇦.

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