Samsung’s Foldable Galaxy X – CONFIRMED!

Samsung Galaxy X / Galaxy F / Galaxy V – CONFIRMED!
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  1. I’m excited, but don’t need a foldable phone. I’ll wait till the are tested by consumers before running out to get one. I can wait, my s9 plus is fine.

  2. What I would like to know is how would phone cases work? I mean last time I checked most phone cases weren't bendable.

  3. Delete this video, it’s call Samsung Flex and it folds vertically not horizontal ? it’s official release

  4. How will they design foldabl screen protectors…. without that, wouldn't dust and debris get in between both screens and scratch it to hell?

  5. I'd like to get that other tablet/phone that slides out of the stick at the end of that advertisement

  6. FYI That plastic polymer screen is going to scratch like crazy. Apples greed screwed them over yet again what good is a patent from Apple if they never use it.

  7. Samsung: Hahah suckaas we are bringing the flip-flop fones back??????????

  8. I don't get it… it's phone… that turns into a wallet? What's the fun in that?

  9. Just gotta say let the thing be realeased The twit with the doo Is he an expert egineer Be paitient people TWATS

  10. Wow. YOU ARE A RETARD getting on samsung hype for views without knowledge. The X is a gaming phone dick head. The F means 'FOLD' way to fail ?

  11. I wonder how durable those screens are. How many times can you open and close it before it cracks for instance?

  12. People today is such a hypocrite. Complaining this or that, when note is launched, people complaining "People dont use stylus, yuck…" but Apple create Apple Pencil "people dont buy big screen" and now you have a phone bigger that your palm. World cant be like now if full of people who just like complain. Technology will not improve to this day if we are closed for somthing new, we'll live in stone age if people cant accept things and saying all new innovation as gimmick

  13. If you can fold it completely, it must have limited folds. Like plastic turns white and slowly breaks when you keep folding it.

  14. Interms of storage or the ram. I have lost all confidence. I erased all my data on the phone and it still says the storage is running out. The insulting part I have a memory card.

  15. Folding the screen backwards and forwards on your lap whilst watching a hot chick give a blow job is the reason ide buy one

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