Say NO to Apple and Samsung with Huawei P10, LG V30 or Google Pixel XL 2!

Okay…if you are a big Apple or Samsung fan, that’s fine too. But we want to suggest three fantastic Androids that feature impressive specs and outstanding cameras.

0:42 Huawei P10
3:00 LG V30
4:53 Google Pixel XL 2


Huawei P10

Google Pixel XL 2



  1. It's interesting when you picked on pixel 2 specifically when v30 is using the same pOLED panel

  2. I have the LG V30, and it's awesome. The camera isn't the best, especially the front facing camera. BUT, the Food mode and Wide Angle lens are amazing 🙂

  3. DAC stands for digital to analog converter. Not digital audio converter.

  4. Why compare the P10 to these flagships while you can have the P10 Plus or, even better, the Mate 10 Pro? Would compare better imo..

  5. I have a a v30 and its bullshit thay is military proof i drop itbmy frist day and the screen craked

  6. Why didn't you include the screen in the cons of the V30? It's the same screen as in the Pixel.

  7. Huawei's software is called EMUI…..
    you called it MIUI; which in real is what Xiaomi's software is called!

  8. pOLED isn't old technology. It is the same as AMOLED. Just a different name. All new OLED screens are active matrix displays. However, others can't use the letters "AMOLED" since Samsung has somehow turned it into something people associate with their screens. So they use pOLED. P for plastic. Which Samsung screens also have. So same technology just different ways of using letters to try to distinguish it.

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