#SGGQA 069: Apple and Samsung Earnings, FCC vs Community Broadband, Diablo: Immobile

Let’s talk about Samsung and Apple earnings! Let’s talk about the courts debating Net Neutrality! We should talk about some cool science stories! And I’ll share my early thoughts on the OnePlus 6T!
Get your tech week started off right!

Stories this week:

Supercomputer fires up 1 MILLION processors
A HUGE collection of Apollo space mission recordings uploaded to…


  1. Lovely to listen to and chill with everyone on Monday (after work for me here in Serbia) – thanks for reading some of my comments out too! Keep up the good work and thanks for the content

  2. Juan Awesome review and Video stream I'm catching on replay not happy with fingerprint sensors on or in screen too I like in back of device as well.I really enjoyed listening hopefully I will catch live next week. Thanks so much for sharing Deb 👍✌P.S.Dont like face scan either 😉

  3. Have you stopped making real camera reviews? Been looking for one for the s9/note 9 and the lgv40

  4. I don't mind the time changing, but I hate winter time, I could live on CEST (central European summer time ) all year long, rather have longer day light in the evening than in the morning lol 😂

    > Gonna catch up now, I'm so behind with everything, my schedule is crazy the last few weeks

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