Should you buy the iPhone XR or a used iPhone X?

A used iPhone costs around the same price as Apple’s new iPhone XR. So which one should you buy? Is the iPhone X’s beautiful OLED display enough to top the iPhone XR’s other new features?

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  1. I just upgraded to a used x (battery health 97%) from an iPhone 6 and I only paid $635 and it came with Apple care until 2020

  2. The audio department, camera (even if it is a single one) , new Face ID are muuuchhh better on the Xr!!! Stereo recording which is important if you shoot videos and improved speakers on the device itself … sorry but the only thing iPhone X/Xs have are OLED screen and telephoto. Period. Oh, and I saw dozens of comparisons between Xr and Xs and strange enough straight plain pictures on Xr are better than Xs! So, if you want to waste money for an Xs it’s up to you guys…;)

  3. I have iphone x now and i think it is the best for me but I like only colors in Xr

  4. Imma just get the x mainly for the price cause my carrier is selling it for $800 so its more of a steal to me

  5. You are an idiot. Thumbs down for you for lacking iPhone xr technology knowledge.

  6. If a used X is available on XR's price, still not worth buying and should be happy to get a new one on used X's price.

  7. Got a X for the price of the XR when signing up with contract

  8. does it matter?im still using 215 ppi,android lollipop,1gb of ram,8gb of storage,mali400gpu and a sc7731se soc in 2018 since can still manage to get things done but stressful. so you're lucky if you have one of those

  9. Not to mention you get one of the best features with the XR over a used X, a receipt.

  10. Why is everone fighting over a phone, the xr it is good i can't tell the different 720p and 1080p.

  11. All Im thinking after using 401ppi for 3.5 years to 326ppi for 1 year and I could have 458ppi for the same price. And stainless will not chip as aluminum will…so for the long run I will get a new X.

  12. I ordered the Xr White with 64GB. Looking forward to getting it on friday. 😁

  13. Never buy a used apple product it can die any day or if u need to change the battery it can cost a lot

  14. Pixel 3 XL is better than iPhone XR in terms of latest tech and value for money. even you compare photography on these phones with single lens unless you're in ecosystem.

  15. because of iPhone XR, Apple ditched iPhone X and replaced with iPhone Xs with hardware improvement for comparison sack to iPhone XR

  16. yeah! forgot a lots of features here and there of iPhone X and skipped the limitations of iPhone XR

    only 3 portrait lighting options for back camera on iPhone XR.
    lower IP ratings.
    LCD can't be comparable to OLED as it's a display you look at it all the time. where is HDR10 and DOLBY VISION support for LCD.

  17. But in my country.. I can buy new Iphone XR and As well A New X also.. so now which one to buy…

  18. You dont even have to get it used! Verizon and other providers sell the X for 899

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