Slickwraps Apple iPhone 6, 6s, 6 Plus & 6s Plus Installation Video

You’ve got one of the most innovative devices in your hand, and now it’s time for you to Wrap it Up! Available in dozens of colors and styles, Slickwraps Full Body Wraps/Skins for the iPhone 6 use the highest-quality materials to give your new device the 360-degrees of protection it deserves. Ultra Precision cut for the best possible fit, this wrap will give your iPhone 6 a look and texture that no one can match, guaranteed.

For a seamless look, follow the installation video above!



  1. You guys should make a video for the clear skin for the iPhone 7 plus so people would buy it for the jet black a lot $$$ to me made

  2. Could you add a video of how the jet black iPhone will look like with the naked gloss skin on? Also do you know if any damage will be done to the gloss of the actual iPhone after keeping the skin on for some time?

  3. It looks more easier than what really is… Mine was not cutted well enough to fit everything tight… Bad product…

  4. Are the iphone 6 skin compatible with the 6S or is the little size change everything ?
    Because the slicklabs isn't available for the 6S so i'm asking ^^

  5. How long do I keep the heat gun / hairdryer on the wrap in order for it to attach properly?

  6. Hi +SlickWraps, Inc. if I were to purchase a back skin for my iPhone 6, would it be able to fit properly in a clear TPU case? Thanks.

  7. I currently have the carbon fiber wrap for my iPhone 6, I've purchased many types of Slickwraps and they are all amazing. My question is will you all, at Slickwraps have the glow series for the iPhone 6 and 6+ in the future? They were my all time favorite wraps followed by the carbon series.

  8. wow, these wraps look amazing!  subscribed to the channel for sure.

    just one question, please +Slickwraps, Inc. . can i use the wood series wrap (back only) and a case on my iphone 6 plus?  the case i use has a clear back and would show the awesome skin!   🙂

  9. I have a screen protector currently in front of the screen and do I remove it or just overlap it with the slick warp??

  10. I am planning on buying a carbon fiber skin for just the back of my iPhone 6. But, I have an invisible shield protector just on the front of my phone. When applying the wrap, will it interfere with any part of the front if I'm only doing the back or will I have to remove it?

    Another question: I have a black apple leather case for my iPhone. Would I be able to put the case over the back of a carbon fiber skin?

  11. i don't have a hair dryer 🙁 any other alternate +Slickwraps, Inc. ? Please help 🙂 also can they be delivered to the UAE?

  12. Just looking at your old videos and saw you explained why you weren't allowed to leave the apple logo part off your wraps but at the same time I see the wraps for the iPhone 6 on your website have apple logos behind them. I want the logo to be there so what's the final decision on this topic?

  13. I feel the original iPhone 6/6plus quite slippery. Does this carbon fabric skin help to improve the feeling when holding the phone?

  14. Does the HD screen protector remove any of the natural clarity of the screen? Does it dime the brightness? And what material is it made out of? Is it Fingerprint resistant?

  15. Please provide an option to keep the apple logo covered. This could easily be done by keeping the apple logo cut out along with the wraps. Thx

  16. Hey I want to buy slickwraps for my htc one m8 but I have no credit cards are paypal 🙁

  17. How hard is it to apply this …looks easy but I'm not good with things like this lol should I take it somewhere like Best Buy and have them install this for me ? 

  18. Buying this when I get paid I've been seeing them on campus but wasn't sure where to buy

  19. Will be buying some as gifts this Christmas …do you sale these locally or online only? 

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