This week was an Apple week. Apple announced the HomePod (this item starts at 1’14). I shared my opinion in this weekly about the differences between the Apple HomePod, the Amazon Echo and the Google Home. Amazon Echo was first and has the largest installed base. Google Home came in aggressively with price. Apple HomePod is last in the market and is the most expensive. But Apple has a huge ecosystem and they may be the first to launch in many markets outside of the US and the UK. Which may…


  1. Thanks for the show. I didn't really like the music in the background during the Apple part. Less music, or lower volume, please

  2. You started the video in Ljubljana! Great! You should make a voice bot from your bot… 🙂 Great show!

  3. Hi Steven, I am very interested in the Google Home. Any idea why they (Google a.o.) aren't releasing some products in Europe?

  4. Great show again! Stupid question maybe , but what if you're the passenger/not the driver in a car –> new iOS11 car feature.

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