In this video we take a look at some of the similarities and differences between the most popular streaming media devices to help choose which brand might work best for you. Take a look at all of our streaming media players at


  1. You missed a very powerful streaming contender, the Nvidia Shield TV

  2. I do not have a 4K TV, just 1080P. Will purchasing a new 4K version of a streaming device help or is it even worth it, seeing that it MAY have a faster processor and maybe a better wi-fi or things I don't even know about. THANKS in advance!

  3. Dude, I don't know who gave you your info, but I"d fire them.. I'm not a chromecast fan boy , but it's by far the best of the bunch at 35.00 for gen 2 and 69 for the ultra… you can do a lot more with it and android.. even get about every channel with a few apps… apple shit wants you to pay for every F'n thing you do on them.. that is their MO even on their apple phones and computers… F apple..

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  5. If you have a streaming device that accesses Netflix do you need to subscribe to Netflix?

  6. I have an early Samsung Smart TV. I don't believe it receives a wifi signal. With these devices will it, or do I have to buy something else for the tv to receive wi fi.

    Good comparison by the way

  7. This video is for those people who've had their head under a rock their whole lives and haven't heard of Kodi.

  8. Thank you this was very informative. But maybe turn the background music down a little next time.

  9. Ok, so the way that I understand the Firestick is that you can't record anything it all has to be live TV?

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