?Facebook Page : ——————————————– Oppo F7 Unboxing it has 2.2GHZ MT HP60 Processor 4GB RAM 64GB ROM 6.23” FHD+ Display 3400mAh Battery 16MP Rear & 25MP Front Camera ——————————————– Top Samsung Mobiles Unboxings Top Samsung Mobiles Unboxings 1: Galaxy Note 8 Unboxing: 2: Galaxy S8 Unbxoing: 3: Galaxy S8 PlusRead More →

Oppo F7 vs Huawei Mate 10 Lite Camera Test Comparison I am Going To Compare OPPO F7 Camera And Mate 10 Lite Camera , After watching this video please leave comment and share your view about mate 10 lite camera vs oppo f7 camera, lets check which phone camera isRead More →