Teardown of the Apple Watch – What’s Inside ?

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Apple brings fashion and substance to the connected timepiece marketplace. The Apple watch comes in three versions, the Sport, the Watch and the Watch Edition. All of these are based on similar core technologies, but vary…


  1. Ayudame a averiguar qué pines del cable lightning deberían ir conectados al puerto secreto de 6 pines que tiene el iwatch por favor

  2. Watched this yet i still couldn't tell you where the Logic board was..Do tell us what the parts are as you disassemble it..

  3. really terrible music wth.. and fast forward? why? explain how to get the plate out without tearing the whole thing apart, you left that out and made it look easy

  4. how do u get the wheel off ? ive stripped all apart, just the wheel is really annoying

  5. Could you please explain a bit better how to separe lcd screen form touch/glass? min 3…

  6. You made a huge mistake, you left the device on while disconnecting the display connector..

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