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  1. Anna andaru antunnaru moto g5 plus ki oreo update release aeindani…..eroju 14 sep inka naku update raledu….plz anduko cheptaraa.

  2. Build quality also important sir but I have bad experience with software with moto. See poco worst build quality issues okati bayatake vasthunnayi

  3. Sir Prasad Gaaru,. Miru tech news ki update Ivandi anthe Kani Moto ni muchesthunna Lenovo ani pettatam correct kadhu,. Okha brand ani kadhu miru ye brand ni ye Rakamga kooda down ga mat lad a Vadhu , mire alochinchandi

  4. Anna naku Youtub Channal youndhi naku mobile laddu mobile is smash u please send the on youtubesh youse full mobile pampu Anna naku kavali naa dagara 11 thousand youndhi iam running Youtub Channal youndhi please mearu naku okka unboxing chasana mobile ne pampu iam only paid in 11k please naku help chain anna

  5. Unboxing Oppo f9 pro cheyaledam .a mobile baleda emi . Tell me . Unbox baya oppo f9 pro.

  6. Hi bro! There is a problem on mi mobiles.
    There is an leaks app will appeared automatically on my phone. I also searched in different mi websites,forums and pages so there is no solution.
    Is this app will hack data on our mobile phone.
    I have bank details and other security informations in my phone. So could u please tell me an solution for this problem plz bro!

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