The Apple Watch Series 4 is a GAME CHANGER✶ – 10 Things I Noticed In The Keynote

Is the New Apple Watch Series 4 the smart watch we deserve? Yes, is it the one we need? Yes.

I’m not excited because it’s a new device with a vibrant screen, or that it’s thinner, not because the digital crown has haptic feedback, not because you can stuff more information on watch face because of the bigger screen BUT because the Apple Watch Series 4 is going to save me when my body fails.

Why I thought the iPhone XS was underwhelming:

So in this…


  1. Yeah, I agree with the Apple Watch s4 vs iPhone Xs release. Looks good and maybe my first Apple Watch. Hanging onto my 6s+ for now though.

  2. I use a separate purchasable app called "Breathe" iirc, on my iPhone sometimes. It does help when you're feeling anxious.Breathing out through pursed lips, one of the exercises, makes your bronchioles expand because of the pressure, helping your blood oxygenate more.

  3. Glucose is a great option. Actually, there is a glucose monitoring device that allows the use of iPhone to read serum glucose. The system is called FREESTYLE LIBRE. Once this passes FDA it should be easy to provide that service via apple watch update. Currently the technology is in active use in Canada and the UK.

  4. Some very good friends of ours have a daughter with type 1 diabetes who use and surgically implanted glucose monitoring device linked to their Apple Watch series 2. It works and has been incredibly helpful and even life saving for their daughter. I don’t know of a glucose monitoring tool that can read level via the skin, so I see that as already here but better with the screen that can provides statues.

    I’d like to see oxygen monitoring, along with better battery life of some way to charge it overnight as I sleep, so it can monitor my sleep. Oxygen levels would be huge to determine if someone has sleep Apnea, so that would be amazing and preventative… ultimately life saving.

    Great video and I agree about the phone, but as an older guy with a Stage 1 heart murmur, I ordered both the iPhone Xs Max and Apple Watch. I need the bigger screen for my older eyes (turn 50 in May ‘19)… LOL.

  5. The 3 LTE was the big change – I don’t care about the medical angle

  6. always remember Fitbit last 5 days and also its to do with the information and how well its presented. fit monitors your hear rate every second not every 5 seconds like the iwatch.

  7. My wrists aren't going to be getting any bigger from now till I die so:Small screen. I last all week, sometimes 2 weeks! my watch should too. This would be the lowest possible benchmark for me. That's why I for a Fitbit versa 12 hours after the Apple event

  8. Non-Americans: "Americans think they are so great. They think the US is the best country in the world and it's not."
    Also Non-Americans: "How can it only work in the US!??! That's not fair!
    I love my fellow earthians, but it's humorous to me when people complain about the US on their phones and computers designed and sold by Americans.

  9. I wish they either made it better known that the ECG was a US only feature, or came out and said they were working on approval in other markets. My brother bought it purely for the heart monitoring and afib detection (he’s a paramedic and health tech fan) only to find out it’s not available and the regulators here in Australia have no currant applications. Bummer.

  10. Disappointed about the same battery life when series 4 was announced.Just bought fitbit versa yesterday. I still have 75% left after 24hrs of usage.

  11. Dog is wondering… 'who are you talking to? i'm right here'. Ah got it, Monty was looking for his exit cue! Go Canada

  12. Yep. I use the breathe app. It’s helped bring my blood pressure down.

  13. I do use the breath app regularly! But I am very excited about the direction that Apple is heading too. However, my series 2 is still rocking, no need to upgrade foto now!

  14. My mom has a blood pressure gadget that is strapped on the wrist it looks a lot like a bulky wristwatch. The wristbands expands during the process. So, I guess this can be done in the future on smartphones. One on my wish list

  15. Okay ya just lost me. I had the same thought about my dad, and that’s why I bought an Apple Watch series 4 FOR HIM.
    It was nice while it lasted.

  16. Gets caught on my jacket and dress shirts. EVERY time.
    I’m with ya, brother.

  17. Never felt the need to get an Apple watch until I saw the series 4 announcement. Fall detection (with auto call for help) and heart rate monitor are what sold me. The rest of the features are great and cannot wait but honestly feel that those two features made it justifiable as an everyday necessity.

    The price doesn't shock me. This is not your Walmart watch. Plenty of nice watches are $500+. I'd pay $500+ for a watch that can tell time and included the two mentioned features above. This watch has so much more going for it.

  18. Shame we arnt getting the ECG here in crappy Europe

  19. The glucose/glycogen monitor/reader would be another game changer.

  20. Great video. Awesome features.

    Music… not so fun

  21. I don't know anyone that uses the breath app….these keynotes are so cringey. I can't watch them anymore. I did order the new Apple Watch though, not interested in the phones.

  22. Boring? Without ever having one in your hand..?🤦‍♂️

  23. Surely they could have added bone density and body fat percentage measuring – both things that can be measured with an electric current as per the ecg (which we don't even know if it will ever be available…)

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