The LG V30 vs Samsung, Pixel and Iphone – Why I switched!

After years of Samsung Galaxy phones and testing Apple Iphones and Google products I finally found a replacement in the LG V30! Here’s all the reasons why I think it’s the best all around smart phone of 2018.

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  1. Lol, you got me with the headphone jack… Love my G5 and the wide lens, was looking for some stuff about the V30. But great correction, immediately subscribed. Great phone! 👌

  2. v20 is a million times better. removable battery and the dac sounds way way better on the v20 than the v30

  3. I'm still rocking my old LG Stylo G from summer 2015. 5.7 inch 720p screen and 2 gigs of ram. I like how LG is packaged and usability features. My battery is removable and easily replaced as well. Thanks Timmy Joe for the review and thoughts on this new V30.

  4. Stick to PC part reviews… Specifically older newer tech. Cell phones are cool… And yay… You got one good phone but meh…PC parts please

  5. thanks for the review, TJ. but holy shit, who spends that much on a phone? -_-

  6. Love my non-carrier V20. Glad to see they diminished the outer bezel and upgraded to the AMOLED screen. The V20 is not waterproof, but has a really nice aluminum backplate and removable battery. The metal backplate means no wireless charging, but that's not a big deal. I hate how the newer LG launchers are trying to be more and more like iPhone. I would get an iPhone if i wanted disorganized icons all over my screens. 🙂

  7. I agree that lg v 30 is a good phone. I mean it have both headphone jack and micro sd card, which only few of the flagship android phones have these days.

  8. Nice phone. LG does make some nice phones. Mine phone is paid off, and my wife just got a phone, so I’ll have mine a bit longer… also – ice fishing 🤘

  9. So i have the lg v20 and the v30 aonly has a better camra and screen. And i ha e to say my v20 is the best phone iv had.

  10. my old nexus 5x as front speaker audio and a great camera is only problem is he ha 2gb of ram

  11. My last phone was from LG, and boy do I miss that wide-angle camera, and Hi-Fi jack, but I'am fine (op5t)

  12. I still have a LG G4 and.. i've been a trooper dealing with crappy stuff like "bootloop" and can't update it at all. Camera though is pretty good front facing camera is king for selfie's. So that's pretty much the only trade off it has to offer.

  13. Got my V20 on the fifth on January, I needed a removable battery and a flagship device that could keep with my needs, so far it is my favourite phone of all my previous, just because I have a user serviceable battery, no need or want for the V30 just from that reason alone. Great review though, great work!

  14. I feel that most people gave the V30 a really good review. It's a good bang for the buck phone, probably right under the OnePlus 5T. Pixel 2 disappointed me, however. Especially with the headphone jack removal and screen color shift. I'll be sticking with my Pixel XL (1st gen) until maybe pixel 3 or something else that really excites me like my current phone still does.

  15. I find it sad that I remember that bear blasting is a powerthirst reference

  16. OnePlus phones are legit. Not that anyone needs to care though, so many good phones out there these days.

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