The Most Interesting Phone of the Year

I think of the Oppo Find X, and there are a few analogies that come to mind. The one I like most is of a Lamborghini, which as a matter of fact is also the brand of its special edition variant. See, as beautiful and as fast as Lambo is, for some users, owning a car like this is just bragging rights. I wouldn’t dare drive one on certain roads, and then we see potential hindered by basics like speed limits. Still, let’s be honest.. If you had the cash to buy one, the idea of owning such a cool…


  1. There is a video on youtube thats shows you how to change to nova launcher without issues.

  2. With the mi mix 3 coming to the UK. I would love to see a review of it now I can actually buy one without paying £200+ (scalper) import mark-up. 😁

    At £375 for the base model (probs closer to £400-£425 after official import taxes) the mi mix 3 looks like an amazing deal in the UK. 😊 That and it looks like "Three" will provide contact deals. 😁

  3. I'm holding it in my hand..just try holding and see how it works..u'll forget it has flaws

  4. Feel like no other??? It’s a forking clone of every high end Samsung of the last four years! Samsung’s curved display and everything!

  5. I like your intake on the oppo the best. I considered it a while ago then everyone talked poorly about it so I changed my mind. But I'm kinda thinking about it once again. Maybe I'll wait for the second one or the s10 idk

  6. Stick with iPhone !! It is the best because it is expensive with a notch, an closed app store with location restriction. I feel so good spending a lot of Money to own macbook, ipad, and watch. Even if any other phones have better features and lower price, apple is simply the only choice due to the apple logo. Just Buy iPhone and u r a superior person automatically !!! Contribute to the apple corporate cash pile!!

  7. NEVER MIND THE PHONE REVIEWS JAIME, although THEY ARE VERY GOOD……..but what i and many others want to see is some photographic classes, hosted by your sister and her weapons of mass distraction, bring it on……………….

  8. Mi Mix 3 (my fav)
    Honor Magic 2
    ZTE Nubia X
    And Lenovo Z5 pro
    Are way better
    And this mobile front and back completely shattered in Jerry Rig Everything durable video

  9. These mechanics add up weight(however find is not that heavy but also not durable though)
    If this trend goes on we will have to lift up our phones with both hands.
    Coming after watching nubia x.

  10. Oppo Find X: I’m the most interesting phone this year.
    Nubio X: Hold my beer…

  11. Nubia X, Honor Magic 2, Xiaomi mi mix 3, Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex S. They all try to solve notch display problem

  12. … Are we not gunna address his pronunciation if lamborghini? 😂

  13. But what’s with that chin. My Xs max has no chin which looks way nicer. Is there a reason??

  14. review mi mix 3. it's more practical and reliable than find x and vivo nex.

  15. Beautiful..ya I know..oppo like basketball…it's better samsung… is legend…

  16. VOOC is the same as OnePlus dash/fast charging. Why doesn't it have super VOOC?

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