The New VIVO XL2

Get the VIVO XL2 for $149.99 on :

Vivo XL 2 is a uniquely crafted one-a-kind device. For display, it is covered with a liquid like smooth curved Corning Gorilla Glass 3 glass touch panel that is gorgeous and provides a great user experience. The New BLU Vivo XL2 has added significant improvements in technology. Now available with double the internal memory, 32GB paired with 3GB RAM and an upgraded Wide-Angle 8.0 Megapixel Sensor front…


  1. I've had this phone for a few months now and I'm glad to say that I love it! Please continue to make budget friendly smart phones! Thanks BLU!

  2. yeah because 1080P technology is new and cost too much.
    and I do notice the difference thats why I went with a new phone with a 2k screen.
    dont feed that apple garbidge that they have been saying for years only to justify the reason it took them over 5 years after android phone to get their first iphone with "full HD"
    then they now changed their mind by saying higher resolution provides more detail and sharper images and also cleaner text.
    I dont need to see the pixel to see the quality difference

  3. will this work good with a budget VR set? I'm definitely going to get this phone and I am just curious if it can watch a few videos and play some lite games in VR?

  4. I'm glad you are now selling your phones in the UK via Amazon UK. Bought the Life Max and it's great.

    Keep up the good work and please can you give details of what markets your phones will be released in upcoming videos

  5. I have a Dash X. It works fine. I bought the $10 armorflex case for it on Amazon. I must say, you guys make some awesome phones. BLU products will go very far. Keep up the good work guys. I hope to see a new phone with some mad camera quality in the near future. Try to make one with a dual 16mp rear camera with laser autofocus and a 16mp front camera with flash. You'll get really far if you release a device with those features.

  6. Zits 2017…. 80 dollar phone are coming with fingerprint scanners ……. What's the deal ?

  7. 720p is not HD. it's SD. all screens should be at least 1080p meaning 1920×1080

  8. we're in 2017 all phones should have front facing speakers so one can actually hear the movies and videos.

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