Welcome to the home of the best How-to guides for your Samsung Galaxy needs. In today’s video, we will go over the features you need to use and start using if you haven’t already for the Galaxy Note 9. Some may say, these are the features you can’t live without.

Galaxy Note 9 Playlist:

Samsung Wireless Charger Duo:
Best Note 9 Tempered Glass:

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  1. You talk to fast, you need to allow time for people to absorb whats being said.

  2. Does anyone know how to disable the auto focus on the front camera? I take videos alot and the auto focus is driving me crazy. Thanks in advance.

  3. I love ure videos bro . can u tell me wat video editor u use

  4. I have it but I.didnt know that this can do some extraordinary things
    Thank you now I know

  5. This was really helpful! I didn't know many of these, and some I had forgotten! This phone is amazing!

  6. Great stuff. I cant live without a Note. Period. 😂 plus the battery of the 9 isnt hype.

  7. Nice tips but surprised you endorse the Whitstable Shields; it has the worst reviews than any other shield.

  8. Enter Samsung Internet and use the S Pen to hover over a link. It doesn't do anything special, but I think its cool, and the only reason I choose to use Samsung Internet over Google Chrome xD

  9. I take the time to actually color the pictures in Penup because I like the textures, and I sometimes blend the colors.

  10. Help. Why does Youtube PIP not working on my note 9 just like the first tip. Or how do I make PIP work?

  11. I was mind blown that numbers 1 and 6 are working on my Note 8. I've been using this for 8 months already and didn't knew these features.

    I'm off to do some coloring now 😂

  12. Bro i have a problem
    Problem is that
    How to save note by alarm type of thing's. Like i wrote a noye and i need to remind me for that note .
    How can i do it???????
    Plz help

  13. Pin a screen memo to the Always on Display is cool.
    I turned off the Screen Optimizer, it made selfies in sunny day to have a super bright background.

  14. I can't do the first feature. When I open youtube, then press and hold and double tap the screen. The note come up and the youtube video didn't go to the corner like yours. The video is behind the note and still playing. Can anyone please answer. Thank you very much.

  15. I own a galaxy s9 plus i don't know if you have made a video for Samsung note please make one or can you tell me where i can go to learn Samsung note app thanks

  16. You've taught me several things that I can use on my s8 that i didn't know about

  17. This guide was super handy,thanks you a lot for teaching us how to take more advantage out of our note 9:)

    Love it ! Nice job Sir

  18. OMG, so many features that I didn't know about! Thank you. I'm going to start using then now.

  19. The last one is also possible in the Samsung Galaxy S series since S6 (maybe even earlier).

  20. Here the article that on one exploded? Hopefully it’s a fake story or isolated incident

  21. The 10th feature will be one that less than the 10% of the people don't known about the note series: normally you cannot select the text the text of the youtube description (for example), but if you hold the s pen button and move it to select the text you want to copy, you will be able to copy that text that you can't with your fingers. This feature is one of the best features of the s pen, and is the most hidden too. I just discovered accidentally. Like it if you tried and/or didn't known it.

  22. I love it note9 I just buy 3 days before . I pay for this beast 997 euro

  23. Great phone, but feels like the same information keeps getting repackaged as "new" videos.

  24. Why Youtube app play on pop up scrren when you double tab to open note? How you setup that? Thank you.

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