The Problem with Bezel-less Smartphones

With smartphones like the Oppo Find X and Vivo Nex, what are we willing to compromise for the maximum screen-to-body ratio?
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Thanks to GadgetMatch for reference footage, check them out below.
Vivo NEX Unboxing & Hands-On: The future:
OPPO Find X Hands-On: Hidden camera:

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  1. There is too much effort to make phones completely bezel less. A few milimieters of top and bottom bezel for camera, mic, ear piece and sensors won't hurt anyone and will make manufacturing much easier/cheaper.

  2. who gives a fuck small bezels are fine. Get the fuck out of your phone and visit Amazon Forest.

  3. Sold off my Note 9 Ocean Blue 512Gb and get the Nex S~
    Even thou I sacrifice IP68, but I'm happy with my desicions

  4. well lab test are actual under conditions most products will never see. So it's probable

  5. I want buttons to click and front facing speakers, dont give a damn about bezel-less aesthetic. Looks dopey and neutered anyway.

  6. Hi supersaf liked this video someone atleast debating the issues of technology of the latest times thxs

  7. I have already purchased vivo nex one month back…the front camera is much more durable than find x and the most important part of bezzel less you get an immersive movie viewing experience..even when you take a landscape pic with an anspect ratio of 19.3:9 you are never going to regret with your purchasal..

  8. i use Sony XZ1 Compact and do not have bezeles problems

  9. tbh im not a fan of bezel less phone,
    and idk why notch is so popular?
    i really wish samsung never gonna make a notch smartphone

  10. The only problem is with flagship is there don't have front flash n with ugly black front bezel!

  11. In my mind. Phone should stay like phones. I dont like that phone is gettin so big creens that it turns into basicly only screen on metal plate. I have xiaomi mi 6 and this phone looks sexy as hell. For the iphone. I phone 8 is the best last looking phone by apple. Iphone x looks good to. Good that they made bezzel around he phone. But making whole phone into screen is ugly and pointless

  12. I am not compromising anything for bezel less and flexible phone. Hologram is another story.

  13. I prefer durability, water and dust resistance ~~~ I don't mind small top and bottom bezel, it's OK for me ~

  14. It's just a matter of time until they fix the dust/water problem.
    Once transparent displays will improve, you can have cameras and sensors under the display this would yield a perfect bazel-less display with no compromises.

  15. U forgot the most important thing…. Bezel-less is stupidity… i rather have a bezel so i can hold on to it without acidently touch it with my palm or fingers….

  16. There's a greater price to pay for having a bezel-less smartphone that just dealing with that or the knotch and I'd much rather deal with bezels or a notch that dealing with no case and possibly dropping and breaking my phone or losing that water and dust resistance or having to deal with repairs for those mechanical pieces not working

  17. You want/need side bezels so that you don't need to handle your device so delicately & cautiously in order to avoid touching your touch screen when you don't want to. I aaccidently activate the edge panel on a Samsung Note 8 too often.

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