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Slickwraps Installation video for iPhone 7 Plus:


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This is a review of the Slickwraps Retro Apple Skin for…


  1. What do you guys think of the skin?? Does it grab the vintage look in the right way?

  2. I can totally agree that this skin took me a solid 30 minutes to apply and I too have the black iPhone (8 plus), but the effort is totally worth it because my phone looks amazing. People always ask me if I have a custom iPhone, and my answer is always yes 😏 highly recommend this skin to anyone who just enjoys something different, or loves to stand out

  3. So this is where the homosexual rainbow BS came from …..Timmy Cookie.
    You sound so sweet, enjoy your happiness. LOL

  4. I have this skin on my phone right now but I want a case to keep the skin protected and looking nice. Does anyone know of any cases that can work with the skin underneath and not damage the skin.

  5. Just ordered! So excited! I got a 40% off deal for 4th of july

  6. I think I'm gonna do this to my 6s then throw a white rhino bumper over it to protect it and still show it off

  7. JDTech tv sent me to check out your very cool videos. I agree, great video, nice voice quality and explanation. Not sure I am into the vintage skin, however.

  8. Man I saw this on their site and I wanted to order so bad. Not sure why I didn't pull the trigger but I might need to do that now. haha. I love that old logo too!

  9. I'm exited to subscribe to your blog thanks to Jd tech Tv. I love electronics. I'm looking forward to the rest your channels πŸ™

  10. Great Video man, JD from JDtechTV sent me, he gave you a shout out so you know, you should do the same

  11. Just ordered mine. Gotta admit i was debating on it because i have the jet black 7plus and love showing it off. But this skin will definitely show the Apple fanboy inside me!

  12. This has to be one of the most iconic skins I've ever seen, looks so good! Great job on the video, there's not much I can say on what to improve as everything was perfect, I'd just suggest pushing out more content to grow your audience as your channel is really good and has a lot of potential. Keep it up buddy!πŸ˜€

  13. Just ordered one from SlickWraps as well. Entered a promo code at the end (it was SUPERHERO) one day only; & got 45 % off! So got 2 day shipping, & the case for only 15.94! STEAL

  14. This is so cool! I'm definitely getting this for my iPhone! Liked and subscribed, love your videos! πŸ™‚

  15. I can't believe people payed $2000 for a scratch susceptible option.

  16. Jusr ordered mine. Hoping it looks as good as it does in your video! Thanks for the video!

  17. don't even like apple, but another great video! You seriously deserve a lot more subscribers. the video quality and introduction all look more professional than most accounts with 100 thousand followers

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