This is how Apple repairs broken iPhone screens

Broken iPhone screens have always been a nightmare for their owners. Now Apple has finally shown off the process by which they repair the phones. The process involves a special device called Horizon Machine, which Apple is finally making available to third party service centers.

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  1. Apple employees be like: 'Did you try to turn it off and back on?'

  2. several drops
    a scratch
    on the useless part
    best day of my life to have the phone not broken

  3. Nah, from my YouTube knowledge they put toothpaste on it

  4. For the people who try to fix their own iPhone screens rather dont or do it if you know what your doing but if you replace an screen with a homebutton the homebutton doesnt work because the first homebutton is paired to the iphone and Apple is the only one who can pair a new iphone to a new homebutton

  5. Did this repair in 2.5 hours for $40. You just need the right tools and buy your screen from a reputable seller.

  6. Then they bend you over and a mechanical finger touches you in multiple places.

  7. it’s either i go to a really sketchy mall to fix my screen for $100 and then somehow my phone is worse than before or i pay way more to go to apple and have to wait 2 weeks to see my phone…

  8. I've dropped several Android phones on hard floors many times. Not one had a cracked screen. Not one had a silicone case. All were inexpensive models, like $160-$250. It's phone meets floor up from 3-4 feet.

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