Top 15 Tips and Tricks for your Apple Watch

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  1. Another tip with the pinging. If you hold it "not force touch" it will enable the flash as well as the pinging

  2. With my watch I made a folder that said Apple Watch photos and new photos I got I just put in that folder that I wanted to have on my Apple Watch!

  3. I have gym for last period so I toss my phone in my backpack and it helps me save time while listening to music cause I don't like people

  4. I was given an apple watch for Chrsitamas and I am NOT tech savy but thanks to your video I have figured it out.

  5. how do you get the photos that are already on your iphone to your apple watch

  6. Thanks fun info just got my watch and video gave me confidence to do more with it Thanks again

  7. I know this video is from a while ago, but is the Apple Watch worth buying? I was thinking about getting one

  8. More edits showing examples such as bold and non bold text would be nice. Good tips, but not enough visuals of what is being changed.

  9. Did anyone else notice the fake Apple watch picture in his texts😂😂😂😂

  10. Are you ever going to post to your gaming channel again I loved those videos!

  11. when did you get your watch mine says coming in may are june??

  12. Can we get any tweak videos? I've had enough of this damn Apple watch shit

  13. Im not buying this thing! If you were to fall, it would simply break! 😛

  14. I think there should be something on the iPhone that you press to find your watch.
    When it's not on your arm of course.

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