Top 5 Essential Apps for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

We review the top 5 apps that you need to get installed on your new Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, plus a few tips and tricks to get the most out of them.


  1. Just try touchwiz for a wile and learn about it. It is not the same as a time ago. You have judged it to soon before trying.
    The most things you can do on the phone already without the apps

  2. Did you actually try and use the New Touch Wiz that comes with the phone? It is better than Nova Launcher. Loads faster, you can do many of the customizations there: including desktop grid, sorting icons, and hiding the news feed page.
    There is a lot less bloatware.

  3. i think the emoji button is on the setting button when you click and hold the setting button the emoji button will appear with other button

  4. hey man, this was done well and I'll use every one of these apps… but I'd like you to make another video of this just with some more apps. thanks man 🙂

  5. also its easy to get the keyboard emojis up, just hold down that settings thing on keyboard

  6. You can turn of the news upday thing by holding down on ur homescreen scrolling to its page then diabling

  7. I'm new to android and I have the s7 edge. I'd love to see a full on tutorial of Nova launcher and their premium version on the Google play store for the s7 edge. I love the clean, crisp look of Nova launcher and the customization, but I find myself lost all of the time and I don't know how to get my apps to where I want them and simple stuff like that. great video though!

  8. Thanks a lot for these. Trying the wallpaper and BBC apps. Hopefully don't kill the battery, but so far so good. Thanks again.

  9. I'm probably one of the few people that prefer TouchWiz over Nova Launcher. However, I do appreciate the, "find my phone" tip you offered.

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