TOP 5 [BEST] Hidden Tips, Tricks & Features Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 [MIUI 7.1] – Revealed!

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  1. Open gallery hide some photo
    go to albmus and scrool very down enter password and you can see your hidden photo

  2. Another way to taking screenshot is that by pressing menu button and vol.down button

  3. hey bro some of the tricks does not work on miui 8.5.3
    if you know some tricks then please tell me

  4. bhi redmi note 3 ,redmi note 3 pro koncha beheter hoga?
    price no compromize.
    plz reply.

  5. Can somebody help me? My Redmi Note 3 buttons not working. I can only push the BACK button. But I cannot hit the HOME and 3 LINES buttons. Anybody know how to fix it? Because this is suddenly happened to me. i didn`t update anything

  6. Me ne 15din Pahele Phone liya so PAr Petan look Bhulgaya ho kya kru hel mi Plizzzzzzzz

  7. make a another video about 10 Hidden Tips, Tricks & Features on huawei gr5 2017

  8. I'm unable to video call with my redmi note 3. Would u pls any solution?

  9. Why don't work my messenger chat head at xiaomi redmi 3pro(MIUI-8) please tell if you have any solutions

  10. Awesome ….. but next time use a better camera so that we can see clearly enough….. this video is not much clear (while u were fingering ur phone).


  11. I have phn redmi 3 s prime his explore is not working ( when I download some videos these videos I play in glarry)

  12. can we make the sd card as internal storage on redmi note 3 I am only stuck with this otherwise an excellent device because we cannot move big size apps to the sd card that's why I am asking this question

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