Here are the top reasons the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is better than the iPhone XS Max and this is not the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs iPhone XS Max style video. I’m just explaining how you get more value for money by opting for the Galaxy Note 9

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  1. I love your videos! Whether people commenting are Android fans or Apple fans, they cannot deny that you’re just stating facts

  2. Once they get rid of all the god awful bloatware I’ll buy it,until then no go for me!!

  3. Reasons why the Galaxy Note 9 is better than the iPhone Xs Max:

    1. Lighter design.
    2. Dual aperture.
    3. Super slo-mo.
    4. S Pen with remote control.
    5. Samsung DeX.
    6. Higher customization.
    7. No notch.
    8. Comes with fast charger.
    9. Headphone jack.
    10. USB Type-C instead of proprietary connector.
    11. Bixby Vision.
    12. Samsung Pass.
    13. Autofill.
    14. Multi Window.
    15. Picture-in-picture.
    16. Always on Display.
    17. Maximum Power Saving Mode.
    18. Edge Panel.
    19. Pop-up Call.
    20. Easy Screen Turn On.
    21. Select text you cannot normally select. (You can copy text from images!)
    22. No camera bump.
    23. LED Flash under glass instead of plastic.
    24. Bigger battery.
    25. Screen off memo.
    26. Android Beam.
    27. Higher resolution.
    28. Higher pixel density.
    29. Display curved on 2 instead of all sides allowing for a case for better protection.
    30. Samsung Pay is better than Apple Pay because it works everywhere.
    31. Install custom APKs.
    32. Better file management.
    33. More biometric options.
    34. Swipe any direction to unlock instead of swipe up to unlock.
    35. Better clock face on lock screen.
    36. Video lock screen.
    37. Pro mode.
    38. Food mode.
    39. Secure Folder
    40. Dual Messenger
    41. Blue Light Filter is a better name than Night Shift.
    42. Dolby Atmos.
    43. Edge Lighting.
    44. Smart Alert.
    45. One-handed mode is better than the annoying Reachability.
    46. Battery percentage, AM/PM on status bar.
    47. Pause video while recording.
    48. Higher base storage.
    49. Expandable for a total of 1TB.
    50. Water carbon cooling system.
    51. More color options.
    52. Remap Bixby button.
    53. Close all button for recent apps.
    54. Lock apps (prevent from closing all).
    55. No ugly curved corners.
    56. Handwriting keyboard.
    57. Message reply does not take up whole screen.
    58. Games all in one place.
    59. Lower price.
    60. Quick launch camera.
    61. Heart rate monitor.
    62. No fidgety gestures.
    63. App pairing.
    64. Snap window.
    65. Weather in calendar.
    66. Scheduled messaging.
    67. Tells you more in status bar.
    68. Change font.
    69. Change theme.
    70. Change launcher.
    71. Flaw detection.
    72. Scene recognition.
    73. Hideable navigation interface in all apps.
    74. Play Store has almost double the amount of apps than iOS, that's just in the play store, you can also download the Amazon AppStore and many others on Android. I haven't found an app that's not optimised for my s9+ phone and often I find I have more options in graphic settings than the iPhone version.
    75. Gear VR powered by Oculus (this isn't some Google cardboard crap, it's got full fledged games in VR and has its own app store).
    76. Total freedom to download anything off the internet whether it's apps, emulators, music etc.
    77. Longer warranty period.
    78. More and better accessories in box (Fast charger, great headphones, OTG adapter).
    79. More and better cloud options.
    80. Better and bigger screens.
    81. Performance settings (game mode etc).

    Now kindly give me a list of what iphone has that Samsung does not, I can guarantee you it wont be very long. (Yes we all know the iphone has a better SoC, but the truth is that its not needed because a phone simply does not need that much power in this day and age. By the time it does your phone will be so outdated).

  4. This is the reason why I am alone…

    Because of the existence of iPhone and I hope Steve Jobs is still alive

  5. that video was just a lil bit too biased to me i mean u r just stating things that nobody really uses and if someone replied to me oh well im using samsung dex that will be a lie massive battery but only on paper best display until iPhone X max is tested so we will soon see whether Note 9 is the best display or not 512GB ok ok it can go up to 1T and??? who the heck is going to use that amount of storage anyway i have 64gb and i can fill even half of that not to mention that nand nvme storage in iPhone Xs Max is faster then UFS 2.1 flash storage found in note 9 that is what really matters here cuz neither note 9 and iPhone Xs Max are computers 512GB is way way way more then enough for a normal person even 64 is enough but considering that both phones offers 4k60 although note 9 only allows you to shoot 5 to 10m it will need a bit more storage And also considering the support iPXs Max gets 6 or maybe even more years better storage and faster processor and GPU it is more future proof then note 9

  6. I have audio technica headphones athm50x . I love the quality of music when it plays through the iphone 3.5 mm jack . But now iam getting scared while seeing new iphones,even though they provide adapter the quality of the music will be defnetly missing.

  7. Note 9 supports Fast Charge as well which is not available in iPhone Xs max. WHICH IS MY FRIEND A BIG DIFFERENCE TO COVER.
    LOVE you videos 😸😸😸

  8. Wheres the 5 reasons why iPhone XS Max is better than Note 9 video? Every channel posts that, oh wait, sorry I forgot you’re just another Samsung “blind” fanboy always promoting Samsung, my bad pal. Lets not forget that fact that Note 9 8 Gigs of Ram still couldnt beat iPhone 7 Plus’ 3 Gigs of Ram speed test, pretty shameful, 2016 vs 2018 wow, and a way better display than iphone x, and not forget the fact that Apple is still one of the most secured phones out there, and Samsung is just another Company coping apple till here, want Example of copies? Check replies. (Prove me if im wrong) [Samsung blind fanbois: u retarded wtf u saying etc”]

  9. I have a note 8 am thinking of getting the x max but idk am loving the note 9 but am just bored am samsung

  10. Reason #1: its not an i phone

    I can already see the hate😂

  11. I did not understand a word that was said in this video, I just wanted to see the sand boarders.

  12. i actually want galaxy S9 features in an i phone model phone.
    the apple behind the phone does matters a lot.. 😁

  13. ッS3xy_Sk3tch  I love it how people get so passionate about tools(smartphones) that are made to make our life's easier 😂.
    – an iPhone 6S & pixel 2XL user.

  14. Don't need any of reasons, the note 9 is way better than the iPhone Xs Max(or the other iPhone), whichever the functions, screen, price.
    You can do almost anything with the note 9, you need to pay so much more to get the iPhone Xs Max, but the things you can do is much less than the note 9😂😂😂
    Apple… Just a royal but can not do anything…

  15. Why do we get the feeling your criticism is only because you just can’t afford an iPhone? Cheap fans also comment to support you in this venture. Plain simple.

  16. Note 9 is not even a comparison the phone is in own league make the iPhone recycle early


  18. Apple really need to change their price. I'm okay with the OS or the specs. Even tough it only use 4GB ram (512GB storage has 8GB ram) what i hate is that the price is really really really really really really really really really reallly


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