Top Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+ Cases!

Patchworks Level ITG Case –
dbrand Skins –
Ghostek Atomic Slim Case –
Samsung Hyperknit Case –
Speck Presidio Grip Case –
Spigen Neo Hybrid Case –




  1. quick mid-weeek episode, working on a couple big reviews before heading to Orlando for PlaylistLive next week!

    couple days left to enter my StockX $300 sneaker gift card giveaway too –

    – Justin

  2. I'm a really big fan of the spigen case (the blue with the plastic frame) and I have a regular galaxy s9. Funny story, in New Jersey, I was using my s9 in the pool and I dropped it in the water. It slowly went and hit the floor of the pool but it got a crack anyway. I didn't notice it until like a week afterward when a friend pointed it out as I was doing my weekly phone cleaning. The pool experience was the only thing that came to mind which is why i think it got cracked. I have an litterbox case but i just hate it. It's got this green yellow look to it and i just hate the color

  3. I would like to have the last one please. 😉😊

    Can you also review magnetic cases for s9 plus? Thank you. 😊

  4. Nice covers, thanks for the amazon links 😉 Got the S9+ and need a slim but good cover

  5. I love the Patchworks Level ITG Case for the s9+! It's so nice! Enter me Justin! Good luck to everyone! 🙂

  6. Love that spigen neo hybrid. Great thorough video. Thanks for the tips.

  7. Great video Justin. I just bought my first Samsung phone and I decided the s9 was the perfect size. Liked your case selections. Would love to have the ghostek case when you do start giving some of these cases away. Thanks

  8. Hey big fan would like the s9plus case with Hoster if not anyone with stand please and thankyou

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