Trends With Benefits Podcast: Apple Music vs Spotify, Smart Speaker war, Google Duplex answers calls

On today’s episode: Apple Music is currently beating out Spotify when it comes to paid streaming music services. We’ll discuss why that is and what the future holds for streaming services. Google Home and Amazon Echo devices are far outpacing the Apple HomePod in the smart speaker category. Google Duplex AI may be talking to you soon. The new Cheetah robot from Boston Dynamics is once again awe-inspiring and terrifying. We also have a giveaway for a Dell Inspiron 13 5000 2-in-1…


  1. So many wrong and already proved wrong stereotypes about apple users, really misinformed opinions at the beginning .
    Not even one objective difference explained about Spotify and Apple Music, they just keep calling names and making ad hominem remarks about “the cult” .

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