Umidigi S2 Lite vs Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Speed Test/Performance/ Snapdragon 625 vs MT6750

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  1. My Redmi 3S can't hold no app in the background on MIUI 9, only on custom ROMs, LineageOS 14.1 is amazing holding apps on background.

  2. for redmi 5 plus.. go to developers option try to set.. miui optimization – off
    memory optimization – off
    it wont kill apps in background it will help you for better ram management.. regards

  3. Overall this video is quite decent and most importantly it's for everyone throughout the world. I really hope you grow because I believe you deserve a break from the daily life.

  4. Xiaomi has the worst ram management. This is why I stopped buying them. Apps keeps closing in background 24/7. Even after changes in development mode.

  5. Xiaomi black shark is released…you need to test damon ps2 this phone…xiaomi black shark is for gamers…show your based on true story performance about this phone….i want see running smooth or not…

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